Monday, December 31, 2007


tonight since i am sick i am not going out but if i was i would be wearing my amazing Mark Bolan t shirt! on sale from urban outfitters. its my second Mark Bolan t shirt i seem to be gathering a collection of them. i would either wear that or my Ramones t shirt from japan which surprising is cool since most Ramones t shirt suck because they just have the insignia on them.

i would wear that with black skinny jeans,black heels and a bag from Cancer Research shop in Galway that looks quite like this one.

I hope everyone has a lovely new years and drinks lots of champagne!

*bear with me ( or is it bare wit me?) while i try and figure this blog out because i can't get pictures where i want them!*


This is my first blog ever so hopefully i will not suck at it!
so about me...I'm a 16 year old girl from Dublin,Ireland and I love fashion,music,photography and art. god i sound so boring! Anyways i think Dublin's all right but I would prefer to be somewhere more exiting and where I can get into gigs! (i will most likely rant about that at some point in this blog)

why does the spell check on this blog not recognize the word blog..weird