Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Haunt Wizards

I Haunt Wizards are an up and coming band hailing from Brighton,England.They are ridiculously young,two 17 year old boys and one 16 year old female singer.They formed in october 2007 and are already getting a lot of press attention.Their music is of the electronica/Nintendo/disco music genre that is steadily getting bigger.Their music is scheduled to be released through i-tunes and they were just picked for one of the songs of the week on loud and quiet.
So as they are one of my favourite bands at the moment and I foresee them becoming massive soon ,I decided to interview them.Just a quick warning though their answers aren't the run of the mill ones you would get from any band,they reflect their age and personalty which I think is refreshing as you read a lot of interviews where every band sounds the same!

I'll start with a classic..What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Lucky Charms, Sugar-oh's, Choco Drops, Frosted Sugar Treats, Helens lactose intollerant, so we give her dry toast. what do you taste like tuts? ;]

You all have such amazing hair, especially Dexter how do you do it and how long does it take?

my mum cuts our hair and styles it and everything. bitch got style. i really like your hair hot-rod, spunky

Why I haunt wizards?

we love hocus pocus, for the PC. its kind of a reference to that. also wizard sleeves are pretty cool ... what?

As this is a fashion blog I should ask you something fashion related,any favorite designers?

Babycakes are gooood. your clothes are neat .. but i think they'd look better on my bedroom floor

So the music question, inspiration and influences?

Duran Duran, Willy-S, The Cribs, Crystal Castles, Justice, Armand Van Helden, Lady Sov. Anime helps as an influence, as well as horror films. sexy SEXY ladies such as your self always help us to get it up ... from the drawing board ... what?

Describe your style

female fronted / 80's / disco / wierd indie style I guess?

Saved by the bell or fresh prince of Bel-Air?


How did I haunt wizards come about, the rumour is you formed in October and now you have a record deal and are releasing songs through i-tunes?

sounds like someone did their homework. we just got bored of guitars and metal music. DIY techno is where its at you hot babe ;]

Anything you can't stop listening to at the moment?

the sweet sound of your voice.

What's in store for I haunt wizards in 2008? Playing in Dublin any time soon?

we dont know to be honest, our management will decide all that soon enough. we want to really get playing live a lot more once we have recorded after March

so babe, what you doing this weekend? ....


Sailor Moon

When I was younger I was obsessed with the tv show of the comic sailor moon. I had lots of the merchandise like notebooks but never dolls as I never came across any.When I moved back home to Ireland there wasn't any sailor moon anywhere and I guess it juts never reached here which is a shame because its one of the best kids cartoons.I was reminded of this girl i saw in Tokyo last year when I came across a Tuxedo mask doll online. Tuxedo mask was Sailor Moon's love interest.He was a mild mannered student by day but at night he became Tuxedo Mask and his weapon of choice was roses.

I didn't get a very good picture of her because i was too afraid to ask but you get an idea of what she looked like from these. It might just be me and she might be dressing up as something completely different but she reminds me a lot of Tuxedo Mask. It was hilarious seeing this tiny figure( she was about 4 foot something and looked very young) wandering around the crowed streets of Harajuku dressed in a cape and top hat. Despite her being about a foot smaller then everyone else she defiantly stood out

I'll leave you with the Japanese titles as I couldn't find any good quality English dubbed ones and the English translation to the theme song.Even the credits are amazing!

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon

She will...never turn her back on a friend
She is... always there to defend
She is...the one on whom we can depend
She is the one named Sailor.....

.... Sailor Venus
.... Sailor Mercury
.... Sailor Mars
..... Sailor Jupiter

With secret powers
All so new to her
She is the one named Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
With her Sailor Scouts to help fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon
She is the one named Sailor Moon

She is the one . . . Sailor Moon

Monday, January 21, 2008


so many of my favourite bands are finally releasing albums soon! it sucks when a band doesn't have an album because I don't like singles so I wait to buy the whole album!

the teenagers deput is on sale in march but its on download now.I love the teenagers so much they are defiantly one of my favourite bands! I've seen them twice once in Paris once here and they so good. they are the essence of cool and I met them after their gig here and they were really nice as well! I'm also on their flikr because I'm that cool...jealous much? anyway this is there myspace where they have a couple songs up. they had the whole album up for a couple days and I gave it a listen and its top notch

Another band whose album is out now I believe is lightspeed champions.
remember test icicles?

they had that hit circle square triangle which I love so much and they are thought to have been the pioneers of the nu rave/metal scene but they never got much commercial success.They look so cool I'd say if they were around now they would be big,they were too ahead of their time hahaha

well anyway
Devonte Hynes of test icicles has a new band and its dramatically different to test icicles its very mellow and teenage angsty. When you think about it its funny just how different the bands are. he has a cute blog
where he details his life in a very emo way which is quite endearing actually. Anyway you should check his band out if you don't know them at their myspace

Ham sandwich is an Irish band from kells( but lets just ignore that!) I have seen them twice and both times they have blown me away. They are one of those bands who even f you don't like them that much on record you will love them live. When my father first heard them he said they sounded like joy division but I don't get that comparison.All I know is that they are amazing and their album is probably the one I'm looking forward to the most.The lead singer Niamh has great style and amazing stage clothes,its embarrassing to admit this but I really admire her because she's cool and you never see cool Irish people so its nice to know that there are some out there.The videos of them on the late late show and you get some sense of what their like live
gotta love Pat Kenny as well! Ham sandwich's album is on sale from the 15 of feburary

The last band I can remember that is releasing an album soon is Foals.I saw Foals supporting bloc party and they were really good on stage. Unfortunately since they were support no one really payed attention to them and I had really annoying smelly people beside me( who actually smelt so bad I don't know what it was) who kept shouting words from hummer over and over again even when the band wasn't even playing hummer! Seriously if you only know one song,don't advertise it.Since then I've wanted to see them play live again and they are coming to Dublin on the 6th of march in Whelan's but of course its over 18s! I was uber upset( a bit of alliteration for you) when I heard. There album is on sale in march,no date yet.I've seen them on all of the big in 2008 lists so I've a feeling they will make it this

I'm going to have to start saving up to get all of these!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fa yeung nin wa

I said in a previous post I was going to do some more posts on movies that inspired me fashion wise. My Second one is In the mood for love or Fa yeung nin wa which is the Chinese title by Kar Wai Wong who as far as I know is a major film maker in china and Hong Kong.It stars Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung, they play two neighbours whose respective spouses are always busy and they form a friendship because they see each other everywhere. They find out that their spouse are having affairs with each other and this makes their friendship stronger and more intimate as they take comfort in it. Even though they are close they resolve not too stoop to their spouses level and have affairs themselves even though they really want too.

The first time I saw this movie was quite recently but it has definitely become a favourite, it is incredibly atmospheric and has a recurring backing track which I think adds to it.In the mood for love is visually stunning in every way. The thing about this movie is things happen in it but in a different way. I watched it with my uncle and he just didn't get it at all he kept saying that it was so slow but the thing about in the mood for love is that its not slow because stuff is happening all the time,like their friendship is developing all the time, but its subtle and in my opinion the movie more about the atmosphere and the small details because those together make the plot

In the mood for love is incredibly aesthetically appealing. It might be the photographer coming out in me but I was amazed with the cinematography in the film, the colours were just amazing its hard to describe but you can kind of see from these pictures and the trailer( I know its in french but it was the best trailer I could find that sums up the style of the movie)

in the mood for love has inspired me artistically in the way that I want to take pictures that look like stills of this movie and has inspired me fashion wise because after I saw it I had a strong urge to wear dresses like the main woman character.Come to think of it her dresses remind me and awful lot of Balenciaga s/s 08 collection maybe Nicolas Ghesquire was inspired by this film also?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In my mind

I'm on the trans-Siberian express,I'm drinking straight vodka( because you have to in Russia), I'm wearing this hat

i'm wearing some variation of this(I know more Burberry but I'm in a Burberry mood as of late!)

And I'm with either the lead singer of late of the pier or someone who just happens to look really like him.And were drinking and playing poker with some very Russian men who we have no idea what there saying

but in reality I'm in Dublin and its raining

Monday, January 7, 2008

Seoul and love clothes and your boyhood

This blog not only has an amazing name but great pictures and fashion. where else would you see things like this?You have got to love this sequence of photos!As far as I can tell they are designers and there websites are and the sites don't work on my computer because they are not compatible or something but if they work on yours I'd say judging from theses pictures it would be worth checking out!


If anyone knows how to upload videos to blogger from youtube and to get just one song on the video bar thing leave a comment because I'm finding it very confusing!!

outfit posts coming soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


When I was in France last year I came across tons of really good magazines that I'm either unable to get here or there very hard to get such as plastique,numero,tank,jalouse and crash. before Christmas I was looking for websites for some of these magazines so I could get a
subscription for Christmas( I really wanted plastique but their site was down so I ended up getting jalouse.) I came across the crash website and it doesn't tell you where to buy it but it has lots of their old editorials uploaded on the site. the editorials are amazing and I love the way when you see them all together you can see how much they vary. some are dreamy and ethereal

whilst others are very stark black and white.
There is also illustrations ( which I didn't put up because there not really my thing) and runway photos like this one which is breathtaking.Its hard to capture something live like a fashion show and I think this photographer did a great job of it because it captures the atmosphere and visually it looks stunning

One thing that sets apart crash from other magazines such as vogue or even smaller publications like pop is that a lot of the time,especially when they are using younger models,they actually look like people. they are not overly photoshopped and they look like people you know which is nice because there is very little realism in magazines these days.
while there is a certain amount of realism there still is that aesthetic quality that people read magazines for and there are still editorials that have a fantasy theme.
Another thing I like about crash is the amount of male models they use.I think that male models are completely under used and when they are, they are usually topless and just an accessory to a female model.

while there still is a little bit of this in crash they are also used in edgier editorials by themselves which proves that they are not just sex symbols.

So if you have some spare time it id defiantly worth giving the site a look
and if you are in an area where you would be able to buy it I strongly advise you too because aside from the stunning editorials there are really well written and interesting articles which cover a wide range of topics like art and music so its not strictly fashion and while it is in French the articles are translated into English at the back

I hope this didn't sound too much like an ad!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I wish I was a spoilt rich kid...

I know Chanel pre fall was a while ago but i only got a blog now so I feel like covering it! the show itself was really nice defiantly a return to form for Kaiser Karl because his resort collection was disgusting!( denim mixed with the American flag need I say any more?) but its the hair and make-up of this collection that I fell in love with. it feels very autumnesque( yes i did just make that up) which is nice because i'm not into this whole season less dressing because after summer I yearn for something more substantial. The make up is quite rebellious teenager but more defined and chic. I know Karl was inspired by Amy winehouse and that's where he got it from but I'm glad they didn't end up looking like her! she looks slightly trashy and haggard while these models have an air of privilege and sophistication, you can imagine them drinking champagne and being decadent, which is how it should be considering its Chanel and when someone buys Chanel you buy into the lifestyle as much as the actual clothes themselves.

I for one want to buy into this image(I'm a sucker for anything decadent though ,I love F.Scott Fitzgerald and Marie Antoinette.) the make up reminds me of the girl,Lila from nearly famous so I will try and channel Chanel and Lila who if you think about it fits in with the rebellious rich kid image that I'm getting off this collection. I don't think I'd actually wear Chanel though I was thinking some 3.1 Philip Lim with a bit of Burberry thrown in for good measure would do the trick

And speaking of Nearly Famous