Saturday, March 22, 2008

Elliot Smith

I realise I've done a lot of music post recently and not many fashion ones but I will do some more fashion ones again I promise! I'm thinking this will be one of the last of the music ones because who am I kidding? I am not knowledgeable about music! come to think of it I'm hardly knowledgeable about fashion either so maybe I should rethink what I just said...

Anyway I love music but I have zero talent in that area. But I borrowed a Bass of a family friend who was in a fairly prominent Dublin band from back in the day called the pale ( doubt you've heard of them I hadn't either!) So I am attempting to learn Bass but as always I've gotten completely sidetracked! I've been listening to a lot of Elliot smith again and I've decided that I would be satisfied if I learned one of his songs on guitar. I was considering doing Thirteen and I think its not technicality an Elliot smith song. But it was one of the first songs of his that I heard so I'm counting it as one.

haven't decided yet though and I'm pretty sure that I'll pick up the guitar,have one lesson and give up.But if it does happen I might even consider venturing out and learning more songs! crazy I know...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Na na nana na na na na alright alright na na nana naa na na na hey cool!

I went and got my hair cut the other day. I asked the hairdresser for a bit off the length and to do my layers again and I came out looking like Sabrina! which wasn't exactly the look I was going for....

So while I'm waiting for it to grow I started thinking about Sabrina, what a great show. But Melissa Joan Heart's best show was undoubtedly Clarissa explains it all. There was one episode of it that really stuck out in my mind. it was school picture day and Clarissa wanted to stand out from everyone else, but she realised that my trying so hard to stand out she lost her natural individuality. after some intense youtubing, I found the episode in question and subsequently lost it again as I didn't save the link. I'll give the intro instead and keep searching for that episode.

I remember as I kid I always thought Clarissa looked so cool. she was what I aspired to be! Even now if you updated her look she has that effortless layering thing going on that I find so hard to achieve. The way i look at it your either born with that skill or your not, but that said, it doesn't stop me trying to perfect it.Hmmmm since I already have 90s hair I might attempt to bring back a 90s revival. Nostalgia is getting younger and younger these days, I'm only 16 and I'm already nostalgic!

On second thoughts maybe a 90s revival isn't the best idea...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Were Fated to Pretend

I have just come across this amazing band called White Lies. They supported dEUS a very good Belgian rock group at a gig in London.And guess what? It turns out they are also playing The Great Escape festival in Brighton!! Why does God hate me so much! If only I could go...I'm considering going and just leaving my parents a note when I leave? Because I keep finding amazing bands who happen to be playing it! Anyway definitely check out their myspace
They wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea though. I think their mellow in a non boring way,slightly reminiscent of Joy Division. I think that might just be the English thing though because they seem very British to me.

Oh to Dave who left the comment about Team Waterpolo your right they are good! I will add them to my list of must sees if I ever make it to Brighton.

I will leave with this song that I am really liking by MGMT. The videos a tad psychedelic for me though!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Its like your living in a bowl..

My current obsession is my lomographic fisheye camera I got for christmas. Its small and light enough I can bring it everywhere and discreet enough I can take a picture without anyone noticing!It has a pretty big cult following. I think especially because its lomography and that has such dedicated nerdy fans.There is a site dedicated to my camera and it pretty much sums up the amazingness of it

"Good-humored, ironic, rock n' roll, and VERY wide Hold on tight. Imagine everything above, below, and around you streaming through your eyes and compacting into a nice and compact little ball. Think about your best friend's nose being vacuum-sucked into your lens, all the while their eyes and forehead are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d back. Visualize yourself bowled over by the devastating colors that only fine glass can deliver. The world's first honest-to-God Fisheye camera is here and waiting to swim into your life. Open your heart, stretch out your hands, and grease up your fins."

These are some of the first role of film I used when I got the camera.There not amazing or anything but I'm happy with them for my first try. I can't wait to take some fashion pictures with it because I think the effect would be quite nice.

Also its now sold at urban outfitters so I guess that means its cool yeah?