Friday, February 29, 2008

Only 74 Days Left..

The Great Escape is a music festival in Brighton,England for up and coming bands.It is on from the 15th of may to the 17th. The festival has over 200 acts and its in 25 different venues.I will actually cry if I don't get to go to this! The line up is incredible-unlike oxygen. My favourites are

Crystal Castles

Late of the Pier

Lightspeed Champion

The Subways

The Teenagers

The Young Knives

These New Puritians

Vampire Weekend

but this is the whole line up,I don't know a lot of them but I'd say that they would be good.And there will be more as not everyone is confirmed
Last year the artists included Foals,Jack Penate,Gallows,CSS,Does it Offend you,yeah?,Good Shoes,Hadouken,Kate Nash,The Enemy,Scouting for Girls,The Pigeon Detectives and the Klaxons were there I think in 2006.So as lots of the bands who played last year got big this year I'd say that some of these bands will be the next massive bands. I am currently devising a plan so I can go but it is looking unlikely that I will.If you are in a position to go you really really should! but if you do stay away from the singer in Late Of The Pier because he's mines biatches

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am so very sorry about the break! I didn't have Internet connection for a while so i couldn't post and now I'm in Boston and only have just gotten accesses to a computer.I'm back Sunday but then on Monday I'm going away on an adventure week with my school so normal blogging should commence Monday week or so.

But I will be back soon with lots of posts so do come back. Also anonymous who was wondering when I'd be back you rock! I can't believe I actually have a readership!

Its snowing here by the way! Whenever I see snow I get giddy with exitment, as you can see by the amount of exlamation marks in this post! I would put an straticially placed picture of snow here but for soom reason it's not working..