Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Love Plastic

The other day I went shopping with a male friend of mine. He wanted to get a new jacket so we went into all those 'hip skater' shops looking for one. He ended up not liking anything but I fell in love with this bright pink shiny jacket. Of course I didn't buy it because it was 120 euro which I thought was a bit steep for plastic. Then that night we were at a party and he pointed out this guy wearing one of those plastic-y jackets from Topman asking 'do you like that?' and I said yes. Then he started laughing and asked me why I like plastic so much.I couldn't give him an answer, I just don't know why plastic is so amazing.It might be the childhood association I have with it, you know those old rain jackets you'd have that would smell so heavily of plastic? maybe its the practicality of it? maybe because it comes it varying amounts of transparency. All I know is I think its the coolest thing in the world and I would be a very happy camper if anyone would like to get me these jackets. All pictures from the ebay shop Suzie High