Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brace Face...My Anthem No More

I GOT MY BRACES OFF! After 2 and a bit years of going to the orthodontist's every month,clamping my mouth shut with elastics,and embarrassing situations involving food, I am now free! I cannot stop running my tongue over my teeth! they're ridiculously smooth.The day I got them off I couldn't stop smiling the whole day,and I've pointed it out to everyone I've seen since.I've had good and bad reactions to them,the worst was I look like my mother( no young girl wants to hear that!) and the best was my friend literally screaming as soon as I sat down YOU GOT YOUR BRACES OFF!!!!THEY'RE SO STRAIGHT!

So this all brings me on to a specific point...When I had braces I dreamed of the day when I could experiment with different colours on my lips and now that day has come! After picking up some cheap red lipstick in boots( actually happened to be Jonathan Saunder's line for 17 on sale) I'm going to start my experimentation with red lips!Now I don't want perfect red lips,the kind you'd wear to the crillion ball or some affair of that nature. no what I want are the quintessential cool girl red lips.smeared on with eye make up from last night still on your face,but somehow managing to look fabulous. I'm thinking an amalgamation of Courtney Love and Mary Kate. The aesthetic of Mary Kate yet with the hardcore-ness of Courtney.Not sure where I'll try it out,of course a real cool girl would be wearing it everyday but I have to think to myself,am I cool enough?

I think not