Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fa yeung nin wa

I said in a previous post I was going to do some more posts on movies that inspired me fashion wise. My Second one is In the mood for love or Fa yeung nin wa which is the Chinese title by Kar Wai Wong who as far as I know is a major film maker in china and Hong Kong.It stars Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung, they play two neighbours whose respective spouses are always busy and they form a friendship because they see each other everywhere. They find out that their spouse are having affairs with each other and this makes their friendship stronger and more intimate as they take comfort in it. Even though they are close they resolve not too stoop to their spouses level and have affairs themselves even though they really want too.

The first time I saw this movie was quite recently but it has definitely become a favourite, it is incredibly atmospheric and has a recurring backing track which I think adds to it.In the mood for love is visually stunning in every way. The thing about this movie is things happen in it but in a different way. I watched it with my uncle and he just didn't get it at all he kept saying that it was so slow but the thing about in the mood for love is that its not slow because stuff is happening all the time,like their friendship is developing all the time, but its subtle and in my opinion the movie more about the atmosphere and the small details because those together make the plot

In the mood for love is incredibly aesthetically appealing. It might be the photographer coming out in me but I was amazed with the cinematography in the film, the colours were just amazing its hard to describe but you can kind of see from these pictures and the trailer( I know its in french but it was the best trailer I could find that sums up the style of the movie)

in the mood for love has inspired me artistically in the way that I want to take pictures that look like stills of this movie and has inspired me fashion wise because after I saw it I had a strong urge to wear dresses like the main woman character.Come to think of it her dresses remind me and awful lot of Balenciaga s/s 08 collection maybe Nicolas Ghesquire was inspired by this film also?