Thursday, January 3, 2008

The unbelievable truth

during this Christmas period I've done nothing but watch films all day so I thought I'd share some of my favourite movies that have inspired me fashion wise. the first is the unbelievable truth by Hal Hartley. in my opinion this movies in incredibly underrated,especially as a inspiration for style. every where you look you see someone saying their inspiration is Audrey Hepburn in breakfast in Tiffany's because she shows how you can wear a simple black dress and look fabulous true Audrey Hepburn does look amazing in it but I think people should see beyond 'fashion' movies to get inspiration from.

funnily enough the main character in the unbelievable truth is also named Audrey and wears only black. she is actually the coolest person ever is she was real I would want to be her friend. when I first saw this film I think I was around 12 and I was very much at my rebellious goth stage that every girl has to go through and Audrey was what i wanted to be she wore black,had great hair,got the guy,everyone thought she was weird and she was obsessed with nuclear war what more could you want? even now i am out of that phase( thank god!) I still find this movie and Audrey amazing. she wears layers of black and just looks so effortless and amazing.Everyone in her town asks her what's wrong because she's started to dress like a weirdo- if I lived in a small American town I would defiantly take that as a compliment,when you start to freak people out you know your doing something right. her love interest also wears all black and everyone thinks he's a priest to which he replies no I'm a mechanic.

the film is hard to synopsis so I'm not going to try and there aren't many stills from the movie online which gives you even more reason to go and rent this movie it is a classic not only for its amazing style

*More movies to come!*