Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Haunt Wizards

I Haunt Wizards are an up and coming band hailing from Brighton,England.They are ridiculously young,two 17 year old boys and one 16 year old female singer.They formed in october 2007 and are already getting a lot of press attention.Their music is of the electronica/Nintendo/disco music genre that is steadily getting bigger.Their music is scheduled to be released through i-tunes and they were just picked for one of the songs of the week on loud and quiet.
So as they are one of my favourite bands at the moment and I foresee them becoming massive soon ,I decided to interview them.Just a quick warning though their answers aren't the run of the mill ones you would get from any band,they reflect their age and personalty which I think is refreshing as you read a lot of interviews where every band sounds the same!

I'll start with a classic..What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Lucky Charms, Sugar-oh's, Choco Drops, Frosted Sugar Treats, Helens lactose intollerant, so we give her dry toast. what do you taste like tuts? ;]

You all have such amazing hair, especially Dexter how do you do it and how long does it take?

my mum cuts our hair and styles it and everything. bitch got style. i really like your hair hot-rod, spunky

Why I haunt wizards?

we love hocus pocus, for the PC. its kind of a reference to that. also wizard sleeves are pretty cool ... what?

As this is a fashion blog I should ask you something fashion related,any favorite designers?

Babycakes are gooood. your clothes are neat .. but i think they'd look better on my bedroom floor

So the music question, inspiration and influences?

Duran Duran, Willy-S, The Cribs, Crystal Castles, Justice, Armand Van Helden, Lady Sov. Anime helps as an influence, as well as horror films. sexy SEXY ladies such as your self always help us to get it up ... from the drawing board ... what?

Describe your style

female fronted / 80's / disco / wierd indie style I guess?

Saved by the bell or fresh prince of Bel-Air?


How did I haunt wizards come about, the rumour is you formed in October and now you have a record deal and are releasing songs through i-tunes?

sounds like someone did their homework. we just got bored of guitars and metal music. DIY techno is where its at you hot babe ;]

Anything you can't stop listening to at the moment?

the sweet sound of your voice.

What's in store for I haunt wizards in 2008? Playing in Dublin any time soon?

we dont know to be honest, our management will decide all that soon enough. we want to really get playing live a lot more once we have recorded after March

so babe, what you doing this weekend? ....