Saturday, January 5, 2008

I wish I was a spoilt rich kid...

I know Chanel pre fall was a while ago but i only got a blog now so I feel like covering it! the show itself was really nice defiantly a return to form for Kaiser Karl because his resort collection was disgusting!( denim mixed with the American flag need I say any more?) but its the hair and make-up of this collection that I fell in love with. it feels very autumnesque( yes i did just make that up) which is nice because i'm not into this whole season less dressing because after summer I yearn for something more substantial. The make up is quite rebellious teenager but more defined and chic. I know Karl was inspired by Amy winehouse and that's where he got it from but I'm glad they didn't end up looking like her! she looks slightly trashy and haggard while these models have an air of privilege and sophistication, you can imagine them drinking champagne and being decadent, which is how it should be considering its Chanel and when someone buys Chanel you buy into the lifestyle as much as the actual clothes themselves.

I for one want to buy into this image(I'm a sucker for anything decadent though ,I love F.Scott Fitzgerald and Marie Antoinette.) the make up reminds me of the girl,Lila from nearly famous so I will try and channel Chanel and Lila who if you think about it fits in with the rebellious rich kid image that I'm getting off this collection. I don't think I'd actually wear Chanel though I was thinking some 3.1 Philip Lim with a bit of Burberry thrown in for good measure would do the trick

And speaking of Nearly Famous