Thursday, January 3, 2008


I just realised that last post was the first one of 2008!! oh wow...
am I the only one who actually finds those see you next year jokes on new years eve actually funny?I think there the best thing about new years! that and the champagne of course! so 2008 hows it going for you? were 3 days in so far! its going ok for me I suppose, I've only left the house once though so there's not much room for anything to happen. hahaha I'm such a loner!

the one day I've gone out this year was actually very fun and insightful.My friend was over from America for a couple days and it was her last day so i went over to her granny's house to say goodbye and whatnot and I had a nice family dinner with her family and we played board games! when I was there she told me of all the trends in her town because they always seem to filter down to us to some extent.She's from the bay area and she told me about this thing called thizzle dance they do over there...I found a video that explains it! its really funny!

I'm considering bringing it to Dublin fo sho( apparently they use words like that non ironically...its a different world)